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Das Mittelmeer. Der versteckte große Schatz.

We like the Mediterranean lifestyle. Its gastronomy, its temperature, its diversity, its history, its identity and way of being. The magic of the mare nostrum is a potion that we carry on all those who were born in it and those who at some point in our lives we have let being infected by him. There are cruises that take us from end to end of the Mediterranean Sea, trips with many destinations and endless stories, loves, battles, lived and told, far and wide, from north to south and from east to west, by our little great sea.

But, although we think of its coasts and islands, little by little, when we say the word Mediterranean, the immense world that lies in its depths comes to mind. It’s time for lovers of the Mediterranean lifestyle to discover another way of entering it. And that those already in love with diving (re)discover what are the places it has in what for centuries was the undisputed epicenter of our civilization.

In the Mediterranean, nocturnal dives are really exciting, not only due to the fact that they add an additional incentive to our dives, such as darkness, but we can also observe species and behaviors that are very difficult to see during the day.

The oceanic Posidonia

It’s found only in the Mediterranean Sea and occupies an area of ​​around 3% of the basin (which corresponds to an area of ​​approximately 38 000 km2), being therefore a key species of the coastal marine ecosystem. The characteristics of the oceanic Posidonia, its growth dynamics and the large amount of biomass produced, are factors that can support very diverse plants and animals communities.

The fauna diversity of the Mediterranean environment is enormous, comparable to that of the plants. Analyzing the richness of species for some taxa, we obtain that: of the 62 species of amphibians that exists in the Mediterranean, 35 are endemic, as the 111 of the 179 species of reptiles are; Of the 184 registered mammal species, 25% are endemic and 52 species are endangered (not counting marine mammals); and that 28% of marine species found in the Mediterranean are endemic.

As you can see, the Mediterranean Sea is a unique and fascinating place in which it's very worth submerging to know it.

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