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Ondine schlägt vor, dass Formentor ein Meeresschutzgebiet ist

Ondine is an association of marine scientists, divers and volunteers dedicated to the research and protection of the seabed of the Balearic Islands for the recovery and prosperity thereof. Now, after conducting surveys along 21 kilometres of the Formentor coast, they have concluded that its seabed is overexploited by fishing and that it has the potential to accommodate large populations of fish.

News about Ondine's proposal to convert Formentor into a marine reserve.

At Tramuntana Diving center we actively collaborate with Ondine in their research work and we support them in their awareness raising work too. As our founder Miquel Àngel says: “In recent years we have been collaborating with our friends from the Ondine association to establish a marine reserve on the north side of the island. It is essential that we all pull together, to raise awareness and develop actions to change the way we live and interact with our planet. Efficiently managing the use of our seas is a step in the right direction. Thanks to everyone who, in one way or another, is part of this change.”

Furthermore, at Tramuntana we are also involved in the awareness raising activities they carry out with their Dos Manos (Two Hands) campaign:


In November 2017 Asociación Ondine began surveying 21km of Mallorcas coastline in the area of Formentor. After a winter of rough winds and a much needed boat repair, we could finalise our field work in August 2018.

The focus of these scientific expeditions were areas of high biodiversity which contain highly sensitive species and habitats that are in need of protection.

In addition to 51 dives during which underwater surveying of marine habitats, local algae, fish and invertebrate communities were conducted, a series of interviews were done with local stakeholders, including professional fishermen and divers to capture their knowledge about the area.

The acquired data is now being analysed and will result in a written proposal to the Balearic and Spanish Environmental Authorities for the optimal location of a new marine reserve, based on scientific criteria and sustainability.

A massive thank you to our funders, to the dive centre, Tramuntana Diving and Adventures, who not only provided logistical support but also shared invaluable information gathered through their many years of experience working in the region, and to our volunteer marine biologists linked to the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, the Conselleria de Medi Ambient, and Tragsatec for taking time off work to support our research expedition!

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