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Tipps für ein sicheres Tauchen (Teil 1)

Diving is an exciting, fun sport that has more and more followers each day around the world. But we must also consider some factors before diving into the water. You have to be well prepared and follow a few steps so that your experience can be perfect.

1. Train and prepare before the dive

First of all, diving is an activity regulated by law, so before doing it is necessary to undergo a specialized medical examination and complete an approved learning course. Also, before diving, it’s important to be well prepared physically.

2. Never dive alone

It’s very important that you’re always accompanied by at least one other person. Also, you should know how to communicate with that person to confirm that everything is going well and that there’s no problem or danger around.

3. Get a good diving equipment

It’s very important that all your equipment is complete and in perfect condition. Try to have a good neoprene suit of the right size, a diving mask that fits well, a pair of fins, a buoyancy compensator, a diving belt ... In short, don’t miss anything.

4. Search information about the dive area

Investigate which areas are the most interesting and, above all, the state of the sea. Is best to start diving in calmed and warm waters if you don’t have much experience yet. Also, search information about the dangerous marine species that inhabit the area and be careful with the boats that sail around there at that time.

5. Be careful with the pressure changes while diving

When we dive, the pressure increases as we submerge. Therefore, we must control the speed so that the pressure is gradually regulated and avoid the decompression syndrome.

Here ends the first part of our tips for safe diving. We hope that with these little tips you can all enjoy this exciting sport. Soon we will upload the second part. Stay tuned!

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