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Scuba courses in Mallorca: get your SSI license with Tramuntana Diving!

Do you want to learn how to scuba dive in Mallorca and plunge into the deep waters of the Mediterranean? You are in luck! At our diving centre you can participate in a wide range of scuba diving courses in Mallorca and get the SSI certification. From basic courses to professional scuba diving courses!

Why get the SSI scuba diving certification?

Tramuntana is a diving centre that uses the SSI certification as we believe that it is the best and most modern diving certification system. In addition to having a network of more than 2,800 diving centres all over the world!

That’s why all our scuba diving (and free diving) courses are SSI certified: our diving centre in Puerto Pollensa is an official SSI partner for free diving and scuba diving and official SSI training centre with Diamond level instructors.

 Although if you are a diver that has been certified by another Scuba diving certification agency -PADI, NAUI, CMAS, BSAC or you can participate in our dives for certified divers in Mallorca without problems!

·Scuba diving courses in Mallorca: I want to learn how to scuba dive!

 In our diving centre in Puerto Pollensa we offer diving courses for all types of divers:

·Try Dive: It consists of a test dive in Pollença bay to see if you like the feeling of breathing under water and feeling weightless. They are always carried out in Pollensa bay, beside the Punta Avanzada, a shallow area with calm waters and no currents. The perfect place to have your first experience as a diver!

·Courses to learn how to scuba dive: We offer the widest range of diving courses in Mallorca (from basic to advanced courses) so you can learn how to dive without problems.

You should start with the SSI Scuba Diver certification in order to then start enjoying our dives for certified divers in Puerto Pollensa.

·I want to go deeper...

When you get your first SII certification, there will be no stopping you! That's why at Tramuntana we offer ALL the SSI courses so that you can continue learning in Mallorca.

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