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Welcome to Tramuntana Diving; Port de Pollença's brand new dive centre and official SSI Training Centre. Located just a short walk from the seafront and commercial port, Tramuntana Diving is among the very few SSI Training Centres for dive professionals in Mallorca and the only one to have its own resident Instructor Trainers in both Scuba and Freediving. Not only does this mean we can organise a variety of dive activities – from Novice to Pro - from just a stones throw away but it also ensures a consistently high standard of guidance and tuition for courses, training and first-time activities alike.

At Tramuntana Diving we offer you more than 30 dive sites that are accessible by either boat or shore. We also have two boats at our disposal which enables us to organise groups according to experience and activity which ensures maximum comfort and enjoyment for all involved. Besides this, the dive centre itself has both indoor and outdoor class areas, a locker and changing room, a newly fitted shower room and a chill out area for those who wish to relax with a cold drink and fill out their log books in the sun.

Meet the Team!

The Tramuntana Diving team is made up of mainly local and long-term residents so we tend to think of ourselves as an extended family rather than work colleagues. Between us, we speak eight languages and have a combined experience of over 80 years. So, be assured that, we may be a new dive centre but our dive staff are highly experienced and equally as knowledgable about the local dive sites and conditions. Some of our more 'veteran' team members have been diving in our bay for 12 years already so if you’ve been diving with any of the dive centres in the Pollença/Alcudia area over the last few years, you may even recognise a few faces!

Get to know us!


Miquel is our SSI Scuba Diving Instructor Trainer and one of our two captains. He is also another of our local team members who knows a few secrets of the bay. Miquel likes his deep diving and would be happy to introduce you to the world of Extended Range and the more technical side of diving if you wish. Always with a back-story about our diving, or Mallorca in general, Miquel speaks Spanish, Catalan, English and a little bit of French.


First started diving in the Bay of Pollença when she was just 11 years old. Fascinated and enamoured by the ocean she found such comfort and serenity within it that she made it her goal to become an instrutor, and, here she is! Lolly's dived in the Maldives, Hawaii and most recently snorkelled with nurse sharks in the Bahamas. She is fluent in English and Spanish,conversational in German and RYA Motor Boat level 2 qualified.


Is from Pollença. He is an instructor and is currently working on his captain license. A big fan of the outdoors and nature in general, he likes nothing more than to share his passion with others. Always with a big smile and a touch of fun. He speaks Spanish, Catalán and more German than he'll admit ;)


Started diving in Egypt in 2002 and he instantly fell in love. He has since worked as an instructor in several destinations like Thailand, Egypt and the Maldives but he has called Mallorca home for 5 years now. Sammi is also a big fan of Jacques Cousteau and lives the same mindset: “The pre-requisite of knowledge is curiosity“. He speaks German, English and a bit of Spanish.

Sebastià, or 'Tià'

Is an instructor from Pollensa. He started diving alongside his degree in Marine Science and got completely hooked. Tià is currently studying a Masters in Marine Ecology and working towards the protection of our oceans and all their biodiversity. Sebastià is a local guy who speaks Catalan, Spanish and English.


Is our Base Leader. She's an Instructor from England who has been diving in the Bay of Pollenca for 7 years now.
She is passionate about environmental education and all things outdoors, from climbing and hiking to kayak and SUP, so she's the one to ask about our mini-adventures or joining beach cleans!
She speaks English, Spanish and a little Catalan.


Is our SSI Freediving (and Scuba!) Instructor. She became enamoured with the ocean when she left her landlocked German hometown to travel the world.
She made diving her profession in 2017 and has since taught in the Mexican and Honduran Caribbean as well as in German lakes while finishing her degree in educational science. Kathleen has spotted as a safety freediver at international depth competitions and loves to share the experience of being as close to becoming a fish as humankind can be and immersing oneself fully in a world of wonder.
She speaks German, English and some Spanish.


Started diving in Indonesia while she was traveling through Southeast Asia. She caught the bug instantly, started fun-diving whereever possible and, as her passion grew with each dive, she decided to become a dive professional.
Elisa is currently finishing her degree in Tourism Management and has decided to escape the cold lakes of Germany in favour of doing here Divemaster with us on the Island. Tough life, eh?
She speaks German, English and some Spanish.

Josep “Payeras”

Is another one of our local boys who started diving with us about 5 years ago. After a couple of years working in digital advertising, Payeras decided to fulfill his dreams and transform the sea into his office.
He always wears a smile when talking about the ocean and animals. Payeras loves to kitesurf and be surrounded by nature both above and below the surface.
Pep speaks Catalan, Spanish and English. He may even be persuaded to exchange a few words in German ;)

Josep “Vives”

Josep grew up in paradise, surrounded by astonishing nature, which is probably why he loves every outdoor activity there is.
He spent the last two years of his life backpacking, working at Plastic Bank in Indonesia and diving all over Southeast Asia but ended up coming back to his beloved island. He has always been fascinated by the sea, its uniqueness and the treasures it hides.
He speaks Catalan, Spanish, English and some Italian.


Lili had her first scuba diving experience in 2012 when, believe it or not, she was trying to overcome her fear of the sea! She’s now an avid Divemaster, made right here in Mallorca, and enjoys the meditative silence of the underwater world. Lili is fully engaged in the protection of our planet and its inhabitants.
She supports non-profit organisations like Sea Shepherd and you can regularly catch her scouring the beach at beach cleans.
She speaks French, English, German and some Spanish.


Is a Divemaster from Germany. She learned to dive in the Bay of Pollenca in 2014 and has loved it ever since.
She completed her Divemaster Internship with us last year and now she's back, eager to share her passion for diving with you. She loves the ocean and all the adventures it has to offer.
She speaks German, English and Polish.

Official Partner SSI

Our diving centre is among the very few Scuba Schools International training-centres for diving professionals in Mallorca, allowing us to organise a wide range of activities and SSI courses, from diving baptisms to professional courses.

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