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Enjoy a diving holiday in Mallorca! The largest of the Balearic Islands is one of the best places in the Mediterranean (and the world) to practice scuba diving, free diving, snorkelling and almost any other water sport.

The peaceful and clear waters of Mallorca allow you to observe a broad variety of marine wildlife and vegetation thanks to the good visibility and the biodiversity of the Mediterranean. Besides the sunny climate and our mild temperatures, Mallorca provides good conditions for diving all year around. This in addition to the fact that the Mediterranean is a sea without strong currents nor large predators, allowing you to enjoy diving in a safe manner during your holidays.

But it’s not only the Mediterranean that makes diving in Mallorca special, the limestone composition of the island’s mountain range makes the Sierra de Tramuntana coast line a real “Swiss cheese”; brimming with caves, galleries and rocky formations of great beauty waiting to be discovered.

Furthermore, Mallorca has many more points of appeal besides being the perfect holiday destination for divers: a well-connected airport, a wide range in complementary leisure and innumerable tourist attractions to visit.


The posidonia fields and the sea

At TramuntanaDiving we not only endeavour to teach you how to dive in a safe and fun manner, we also wish for you to discover the biodiversity, beauty and fragility of the Mediterranean. We actively cooperate with research projects, conservation efforts and we promote respect and love for the sea amongst all those taking part in dives with us.

Among the ecosystems we most like to show are the underwater fields of posidonia seaweed, a magnificent setting in which to carry out dives but also one of the most endangered in the Mediterranean. We explain its importance for the environment and for the preservation of biodiversity in all of our dives but we believe the best way to convey appreciation for this sea plant is by diving in a meadow of posidonia: diving down to the green expanse, discovering the animals that live in it and feeling tiny while diving amongst the largest living organism in the world.

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