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Have fun while you learn to dive into the depths of the sea using only your lungs. During the Freediving courses at Tramuntana Diving you will learn how to control your breathing and use your diaphragm to achieve deeper inhales and longer breath holds alongside a variety of other techniques and concepts. You will have a great time alongside our instructors as they teach you how to achieve your freediving goals: Live the experience of submerging yourself without any help and feel the incredible sensation of freedom and connection with the sea!

SSI Course Free Diving Lvl1

Take your first steps in the world of Apnea!

Acquire the necessary knowledge to dive up to 20m deep in a totally safe and natural way: with nothing more than your...

Duration3 Day/s
Depth20 m.
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SSI Course Free Diving Lvl2

Improve your technique in freediving and dive deeper!

Continue learning and improving your technique as a freediver with this Level 2 freedivers course: immerse yourself i...

Duration3 Day/s
Depth30 m.
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SSI Free Diving Course Lvl3

Improve your technique and discover new ways to do apnea!

Become an apnea expert with our most advanced freediving course and become like a fish in the water: take your person...

Duration3 Day/s
Depth40 m.
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SSI Full Immersion Freediving Program levels 1, 2 & 3

From novice to freediver experienced in only 5-6 weeks!

The SSI Full Immersion Freediving Program is an intensive apnea course for those who want to obtain the maximum recre...

Duration5-6 Week/s
Depth40 m.
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Get inspired

Do you want to work as a diver? Become a professional with Tramuntana!

Do you love to dive? Would you like to work in the area you are passionate about? Then become a p...

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Scuba Holidays? Reasons why you must come to dive in Mallorca!

Don’t know where to go for your diving holidays? Come to Mallorca and enjoy diving with Tramuntan...

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Scuba courses in Mallorca: get your SSI license with Tramuntana Diving!

Do you want to learn how to scuba dive in Mallorca and plunge into the deep waters of the Mediterran...

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