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SSI Course Free Diving Lvl2

Continue learning and improving your technique as a freediver with this Level 2 freedivers course: immerse yourself in the depths of Mallorca.

If you have already done a Level 1 Freediving course with SSI or any other recognised agency, you are ready to improve your breathing technique, learn new compensation techniques and new methods of diving without breathing equipment. Become a better freediver with SSI's Level 2 Freediving course at Tramuntana Diving in Puerto Pollensa and dive to the depths of the Mediterranean sea!


SSI Freediving Level 2 Certification
Full Equipment


3 Day/s


SSI Freediving Level 1
Minimum of 15 years old
Logged total of 6 freediving sessions

Book from 400,00€

Dive sites

Sun Room
Sun Room

The Sun Room is a beautiful place. If conditions permit we can dive it as a o...

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The island of Mallorca is well known for her caves, and the “S” cave is one o...

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The Bridge
The Bridge

Another dive site that is suitable for beginners and with easy access from bo...

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