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Crossover to SSI

If you already have a professional freediving license with another recognised agency then you are eligible to take the Crossover to join SSI, the most progressive freediving education agency in the world. Through a combination of academic workshops, confined and open water sessions, the Crossover program offers you an introduction into the SSI Philosophy and Teaching System and will show you a new way of working as well as increasing your chances of employment. 

Upon completion of this course you will receive a professional SSI certification that is equivalent to your previous experience and license. So, if you are looking for more flexibility in terms of conducting courses and finding employment then get in touch with us to see how we can help you broaden your horizons.

*Final schedules may vary depending on numbers and personal progression.


Crossover to SSI Freediving Instructor Certification.


2 Day/s


Freediving Instructor Certification from any recognised training agency.

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