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SSI Basic Freediving Instructor Course

The SSI Basic Freediving Instructor Course provides candidates with the knowledge, concepts and training necessary to organize and conduct the Try Freediving and Basic Freediving Programs.

The Basic Freediving Instructor Course is targeting Scuba Professionals who want to become more competitive and diversify their professional tool box. The Basic Freediving Course is a great first step into the sport of freediving for students who are not yet committed to a full Level 1 Program. With its 1 day format and focus on experience rather than performance the course offers a great opportunity to attract busy vacationers, non scuba diving family members, or why not whole families preparing for their dream vacation in the tropics? 

At Tramuntana the Basic Freediving Instructor Course is available as an add on to all of our Scuba Instructor or Crossover courses as well as a stand-alone course for existing professionals. 

Want to know more about the next Basic Freediving Instructor course at Tramuntana Diving? Just get in touch!


SSI Basic Freediving Instructor training, SSI Digital Instructor Kit


2 Day/s


Be 18 years old, have Assistant Instructor (scuba) certification or above. 

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