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SSI Freediving Instructor Training Course (FITC)

The SSI Freediving Instructor Training Course (FITC) provides candidates with the knowledge, concepts and training necessary to organize and conduct up to Level 2 freediving training courses. 

The SSI FITC at Tramuntana Diving is an intensive program where, over the course of 10 to 12 days, candidates will not only learn how to teach dive courses but also how to recognise the individual and group needs of your students and adapt courses to meet their personal progression in order for them to complete their training. Through a combination of academic and practical workshops, confined and open water sessions and skill evaluations candidates will learn the SSI Total Teaching System and philosophy, and how to effectively teach and evaluate Freediving students.

The FITC is one single course with three possible certification levels

1. Pool Instructor - for those who focus on pool training and wants to teach the SSI Try, Basic and  Pool Freediving programs.

2. Level 1 Instructor - for those who enjoy open water training but are not yet comfortable with or interested in deep freediving. The Level 1 Instructor rating allows you to teach the SSI Try, Basic, Pool & Level 1 Freediving Courses to max. 20m depth. 

3. Level 2 Instructor - For deep free divers who want to teach the SSI Try, Basic, Pool, Level 1 & Level 2 Freediving Courses.

With Tramuntana's unique status as an SSI Scuba and Freediving Instructor Training Centre we are proud to additionally offer you unique ideas and insights in how to successfully combine freediving and scuba diving businesses, an attractive skill set in the dive business, giving you a competitive edge as a freediving professional.

Candidates who complete this program will earn the SSI Pool, Level 1 or Level 2 Freediving Instructor certification depending on the chosen path. 

Want to know more about the next Freediving Instructor Training course at Tramuntana Diving or the specific requirements for completion? Just get in touch!

*Final schedules may vary depending on numbers and personal progression.


SSI Freediving Instructor training, SSI Digital Instructor Kit


10-12 Day/s


Be 18 years old, have 100 logged freediving sessions (50 for Pool Instructors) and additionally:

For Freediving Pool Instructors: Successfully completed the Freediving Level 1 & Training Techniques Specialty program.  

For Level 1 instructors: Successfully completed the Freediving Level 2 and Training Techniques & Freediving Stress and Rescue Specialty programs. 

For Level 2 instructors: Successfully completed the Freediving Level 3 and Training Techniques & Freediving Stress and Rescue Specialty programs.

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