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Diving in Mallorca: 5 reasons to dive in our crystal clear waters!

Forget the Maldives or any other exotic destination... To enjoy an unforgettable experience underwater, just come diving in Mallorca!

It is very likely that you know of our beloved island for many and diverse reasons but surely you don’t know that Mallorca is perfect for diving!

5 reasons to come diving in Mallorca:

Here we give you a few reasons why Mallorca is one of the best destinations in the world for scuba diving lovers

·Mediterranean Sea biodiversity: 

The crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea not only make the coves and beaches of Mallorca a dream place to visit, they also allow us to enjoy great visibility during our dives. Allowing us to easily observe the main ecosystem of the Mediterranean: the Posidonia meadows. These are important due to producing a large amount of oxygen and being the habitat and breeding area for large numbers of fish.·

·Mediterranean weather: 

The Mediterranean climate in Mallorca is warm, sunny and dry for much of the year, which means that we almost always have the ideal weather conditions to go sailing and diving. Furthermore, as the Mediterranean is a closed sea, its waters are temperate, which provides Mallorca with better diving conditions. Although if we submerge to a great depth the water is as cold as in the rest of the seas!

· Calcareous seabed:

Caves, arches, galleries... If it were not for the calcareous composition of our island’s seabed, it would not be so special to go diving in Mallorca: Come and discover it at the Tramuntana Diving dive sites!

·Easy and safe:

The good visibility of the waters together with the good sea conditions and the absence of great currents (and predators!) make learning to dive in Mallorca both very easy and safe. Come and try it!

· Tramuntana Diving & Adventure: 

Our dive centre in Port de Pollença is another reason to come diving in Mallorca: we are one of the few centres in the Mediterranean that offers both recreational diving and courses for diving and freediving instructors!

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Diving in Mallorca: 5 reasons to dive in our crystal clear waters!

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