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SSI React Right Course

This course is perfect for regular divers who want to be prepared to face stress situations and perform first aid and CPR: once you know how to react to an emergency, dive much more calm and confident!

SSI's emergency training program, or React Right, teaches you how to react to any emergency and perform first aid, CPR and AED.

This course will not only help you to dive more confident in yourself but it is also a necessary requirement for the certification of Diver Stress & Rescue.

With the SSI emergency training program you will learn how to react to any incident and provide first aid to injured people in emergencies. This theoretical course, oriented to marine situations, is a necessary requirement for the certification of Diver Stress & Rescue but it is also a requirement to train you as an instructor of other disciplines, as it accredits you as a person capable of performing first aid, CPR and DEA.


SSI React Right 


1 Day/s


SSI React Right certification

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