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Dive Instructor Internship Mallorca

Remember that the dive center closes on Monday. To take into account when booking dive packages.

Introducing our new Intensive Training Programs for prospective dive professionals; The Tramuntana Pro Instructor Internship, or better call traineeships!


Being a true dive profesional is not just about diving or how many certifications you have. It's also about customer service; empathy, identifying individual needs, hazard perception and, of course, knowing the environment in which you are working. 

That's why, as educators with years of experience in the Dive Industry, we think the best way to develop professional proficiency is through a program that allows students to learn, and develop their knowledge and skills in an active dive center environment.

Instructor Diver Internship?, or a Traineeship!

This is not work in exchange for training. During our years of teaching in diverse parts of the world, with different dive centers and agencies, we have witnessed first-hand how the attraction of cheap or free labour has taken priority over providing quality training and education. 

Unfortunately, a direct consequence of this is that a grand number of dive professionals who undertake a work for training program, although they may have a passion for diving as well as day to day experience of a dive center, don't have the necessary customer service skills, the capacity to organise themselves as independent and responsible professionals, nor sufficient knowledge of the recreational programs and activities that they should be prepared to conduct as a dive profesional. This quite often results in their disillusionment with a career in diving and this is not what we are here to achieve.

In which language is the Internship?

All of our programs can be done in English, Spanish, Catalan or German. However, given that the diving industry forms part of the international tourism industry, we do recommend that participants have a level of English that allows them to understand and communicate in a comfortable manner. 

When can I start my diving instructor practice?

  • June 1: Full!
  • October 19th: Full!

Our Instructor Traineeship Program includes:

  • Internationally recognised training. 
  • SSI Instructor Training Course (ITC)
  • Personalized training and feedback to ensure you are consistently meeting your personal goals.
  • Instructor Certification in First Aid, Oxygen Administration and Automatic Defibrillator Management (React Right).
  • Seven Speciality Instructor Certifications: Nitrox, Perfect Buoyancy, Stress and Rescue, Dive Guide, Scuba Rangers and two specialities of the candidate's choice.
  • All Instructor certification and examination fees (ISO 24802-2).
  • Accommodation in shared bedroom.
  • Unlimited participation in the day to day diving and courses that take place in the dive center, as long as they don't come into conflict with the traineeship program schedule.
  • Discounted rates when buying equipment.

Pre-requisites for the Instructor traineeship program:

  • Be 18 years old.
  • Medical certificate not older than 1 year *1.
  • Proof of First Aid + CPR + Oxygen administration training within 2 years.
  • Have diving insurance*3.
  • Have logged at least 75 open water dives.
  • Be certified as Enriched Air Nitrox 40% or equivalent*2.
  • Hold a Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, Dive Control Specialist or equivalent rating*2.

 *1 You can sort this out once you are here, we have a doctor around the corner that can do a medical certificate for you for around 50€.  

*2 Certification must be from a recognized RSTC agency: SSI, PADI, NAUI, SDI-TDI, CMAS, ACUC, PSS. If your certification is not one from the list, or you have any other questions, please contact us and we will help you out.

*3 We offer annual insurance to our students through ScubaMedic for 40€.

We answer your questions

How am I going to gain experience if I am not working in the dive center?

Apart from being a direct spectator of all activities that take place in the dive center, what you get from this experience depends entirely on how much you want to get involved. Of course, there will be a fixed training schedule and, during the training elements that require real situations (such as assisting instructors on courses, briefing and guiding certified divers etc.), you will be 'working' because you will be acting as a professional with the customers. Beyond that, however, the center is there for you to be involved and, as mentioned above, what you get from this experience depends entirely on how much you put in. We're never going to put the breaks on your motivation and you would be more than welcome to take part in the day to day of the center if you wished to learn or work on something in particular; working with certified divers, entry level courses or furthering education, for example.  But, do bear in mind that as a Traineeship participant, when you do participate in the activities that requires contact with customers, we will expect 100% from your part. Our reputation and safety depend on it. 

How many hours/days a week will I have to be in the dive center?

This is an intensive program that requires you to dedicate six days a week but this doesn't meant that you have to be in the dive center all the time (the dive center is open from 8am till 6, 7 days a week). You will have a schedule with a specified number of hours in each section and, beyond that, you will have the freedom to organise your study and practise time around that.  If you want to dedicate more of this time to helping instructors, diving more or practising a particular skill, it is up to you how you organise your time but you must do this bearing in mind that there is a schedule with objectives to meet each week and it is important that you make your training your priority in order to succeed in the program. 

If I sign up to the program will I be a professional afterwards? 

As a Trainee Divemaster, if all objectives and established requirements are met then, yes, you will obtain a professional  certification at the end of this program. In the case of the Instructor Traineeship, however, following this program you will need to pass an SSI Examination.The objectives of your traineeship will be explained to you at the beginning of your program and then a continuous and personalized follow-up throughout will be made, as our commitment to you is that we will work 150% to help you fulfill your goals.

If I don't pass can I stay a little longer or until I finish?

Of course! We understand perfectly that not everyone learns or evolves in the same way so, although our program is designed to guarantee that all participants can achieve the final objective at the same time, we do offer options so that the program can be finished with some extra time and training. 

I already have some of the specialities that you offer in the program, do I have to repeat them?

No, in this case we offer two options:

  1. You can choose from a list of other specialities that we offer in the center and, in these cases, we would recommend one that may have a direct impact on your professional development. For example: Nitrox, Photo & Video, Scooter or Search & Recovery.
  2. Or, if it's been a while since you have taken the speciality in question you could use the time to refresh the techniques by participating in the course again. You wouldn't have to re-sit the exam but it would build your confidence and experience in diving with said techniques or skills.

All this for only: 3.120 euros (accommodation + courses). Pay 500€ now and the rest when you are with us.

Select days Book from 3.400,00€ Enquire now

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