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Enriched Air Nitrox Course

Remember that the dive center closes on Monday. To take into account when booking dive packages.

The SSI Enriched Air Nitrox program teaches you how to safely plan and dive with enriched air mixtures of up to 40% oxygen. Diving with enriched air can increase your no-decompression limits, increase your safety, and reduce the required length of your surface intervals when compared to air.

However, safe diving with Nitrox requires extra education and skills in order to plan your dives correctly. Our Enriched Air program covers all the benefits of Nitrox diving, the safety margins and how to configure your computer for diving with nitrox. It will provide you with the skills to be able to make educated decisions like calculating adjusted bottom times, maximum depths and surface intervals depending on the Nitrox mixture used. You will also learn how to safely analyse the oxygen content of your Nitrox cylinders and the precautions necessary for diving with enriched air.

Upon completion of this course you will earn the SSI Enriched Air Nitrox 40% certification. An essential skill for any diver who is interested in going on a Liveaboard or doing any Extended Range diving.

This course is primarily taught as a dry, classroom-based course but can be modified to include an Open Water dive or be taught with injunction with other specialties so please do get in touch for more info if this would be of interest to you.


Course Manuals

Theory class(es) that can be done online or in person

International Certification


1-2 Day/s


Min: 10 years old 

Min: Scuba Diver (or equivalent) 

Select days Book from 150,00€ Enquire now

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