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Scuba Holidays? Reasons why you must come to dive in Mallorca!

Don’t know where to go for your diving holidays? Come to Mallorca and enjoy diving with Tramuntana Diving & Adventure. You’ll have the time of your life: holidays for keen divers and adventure-seekers!

The island of Mallorca is the perfect place to enjoy your diving holidays. Come and enjoy amazing dives at our diving centre in Puerto de Pollensa!

Reasons why Mallorca is the perfect place to enjoy your diving holidays:

Here’s our list of reasons why Mallorca is the perfect place to go diving.

-The Mediterranean Sea: the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean are teeming with life as they lap on the Mallorcan coastline, providing you with the perfect conditions to go for amazing dives and explore Neptune grass meadows.

- Limestone: the island is mostly made up of limestone which, together with the effects of erosion, has given rise to a type of Swiss cheese on the seabed around Mallorca which is fantastic for exploring.

- The weather in Mallorca: mostly hot and dry all year round. That’s how people normally describe the weather in Mallorca: perfect for diving!

-Safety: the favourable climate on Mallorca, lacking any strong currents or large predators, allows you to relax and focus on enjoying the diving.

Additionally, diving centres, social organisations and political parties are all coming together in the fight to make the Balearics a green space that will preserve our islands and seas.

That’s how we'll make sure Mallorca is the perfect place for diving holidays for many years to come.

Diving holidays and much more!

On your diving holiday in Puerto de Pollensa you can enjoy scuba diving and freediving with @TramuntanaDiving: We also offer snorkelling and SUP!

Northern Mallorca is actually the perfect place for the most thrilling, adventure filled holidays...

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