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Fancy to scuba for the very first time? Let's Try Diving with Tramuntana Diving!

The feeling of weightlessness, breathing underwater, seeing the seabed up close, coming face to face with friendly fish ... If you have always wondered what it would be like to scuba dive, Tramuntana Diving & Adventure is offering you the opportunity to do a try dive in the bay of Puerto de Pollensa and to enjoy a unique experience which you are sure to love. When you begin scuba diving, you will not want to stop!

What is a try dive?

A try dive is the only dive that a person with no certification can do. In fact, the only requirements for doing a try dive are that you are over 8 years of age and you know how to swim.

A group of divers doing a try dive with TramuntanaDiving in the bay of Puerto de Pollensa (Mallorca).

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Try dive in Puerto de Pollensa with Tramuntana Diving:

With Tramuntana Diving you will do your try dive in the bay of Puerto de Pollensa, in the shelter of Punta Avançada. This is an ideal spot because of the shallowness of its waters, the absence of currents, the good visibility and its posidonia seagrass beds: the main attraction of the Mallorcan seabed!

We do our try dives right next to La Fortaleza: the evil Richard Roper's mansion in The Night Manager!

Every evening at 13:45 or 15:45 (depending on demand) we leave our diving centre in Puerto de Pollensa to go on a try dive with all those looking to dive for the first time in Mallorca. This includes a boat trip to the dive site, an explanation of the things you need to know in order to do the try dive safely and an immersion of 45 min approx with our instructors. They will show you all the basics you need to know and then show you the beauty of the Mallorcan seabed!

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