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Do you want to work as a diver? Become a professional with Tramuntana!

Do you love to dive? Would you like to work in the area you are passionate about? Then become a professional diver and work as a professional diver!

3 basic notions for working as a diver:

The professional diver is in charge of…

  1. Carrying out various underwater work, such as giving instructions in diving courses, rescues, repairs and much more.
  2. Preparing the necessary materials, supervising and/or performing the diving operations. Always following the established safety regulations.
  3. Not all professional divers can do the same tasks, it all depends on their diving training and specialisation. A professional diver can perform a wide variety of functions: recreational diving guide, underwater welder, ship rescue, research tasks, underwater rescue, underwater photojournalist…

What opportunities are there to work as a diver?

As we mentioned, the diver’s work opportunities are very varied and depend on the techniques that are used and the depth. You can do everything from technical underwater welding work to searching for people missing at sea and underwater rescue, or even be a recreational diving guide… The diver is a very versatile professional who can perform a variety of underwater tasks.

Whether you want to become a professional diver or specialise in underwater tasks and functions in your field of study, working as a diver will turn you into a more complete professional and will open up a wide range of employment opportunities.

Don’t think twice, train with Tramuntana today and start working as a diver!

Become a professional diver!

From our diving centre in Mallorca, we offer you a large number of dives and recreational diving courses, as well as the opportunity to work as a diver thanks to our courses for professional divers.

You can receive instruction on various SSI specialities, complete the SSI React Right training programmes, or participate in technical diving courses that’ll train you as a diving instructor.

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