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5 Reasons to Come Freediving in Mallorca

5 Reasons to Come Freediving in Mallorca

There is an incredible number of beautiful islands scattered across the seven seas that offer playgrounds for freediving. Why, out of all those places,should you choose Mallorca for your next Freediving adventure?

We give you five good reasons to do so:

1. Fascinating underwater Landscapes

The waters of Mallorca offer spectacular landscapes with lots of swim throughs, caves, caverns, tunnels and archways just waiting to be explored. You can find steep, spectacular walls dropping down from the cliffs of the Sierra de Tramuntana into deep waters as well as rocky slopes with big boulders and flat areas covered with sand or vegetation at varying depths. While some of the more spectacular spots are most conveniently accessible by boat, you will also find lots of interesting places that are easily accessible from the shore at some of Mallorca’s countless coves and beaches.

2. Encounter mediterranean flora & fauna

The Mediterranean is full of life. Depending on the season you can meet all different kinds of sea creatures like octopus, schools of barracudas, lobster, moray eels, seahorses, nudibranchs, a variety of rays, amber jacks and tuna . Most sea life can be found at moderate depths that make it easy and fun to observe. Not exhaling bubbles like our scuba friends also allows for more intimate encounters with wildlife. On top of all the fascinating creatures you will also find vast meadows of Posidonia Oceanica, a marine plant that belongs to the seagrass family and forms the foundations of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem. Come fly over the beautiful seagrass meadows, the lungs of the Mediterranean, with us!

3. Crystal clear, calm waters

Water conditions around Mallorca are beautiful. Calm surfaces with little waves and swell for most of the year provide us with stunning visibility of up to 30m, and the absence of tidal changes and currents make the waters in the Bay of Pollenca a fun, safe and easy spot for Freediving. The water temperature is moderate from spring to fall and can be close to tropical on the surface during the summer months. Typical for the Mediterranean, the water has a mesmerizing blue color that creates impressive light sceneries where colours, shadows and sunbeams can create dreamy underwater sights.

4. The perks of southern Europe

The Island of Mallorca is easily accessible by plane and ferry and only a short trip from most European countries. Especially in times where international travel is a little bit more difficult, Mallorca is a great option to combine adventure and unique experiences with convenience and security. Out of the water Mallorca offers all the perks of Balearic culture and lifestyle, making it easy to enjoy your time between dives.

5. Tramuntana Diving center in Port Blue’s Club Pollentia Resort & Spa

Our dive center in Club Pollentia Resort & Spa offers you the opportunity to create a Freediving and Accommodation package like never before. Now you can situate yourself in this beautiful 4* hotel between the towns of Port de Pollensa and Alcudia Old Town, just a stone's throw from the coast. Take advantage of our installation and the swimming pools in this stunning resort to start your Freediving journey, or improve already existing skills, with some dynamic pool training just a short distance from your room, join one of our daily boat trips or mix it up with a Freediving package that suits you! 

When you’re not in the water, you can relax by the pool, try some paddle or kiteboarding or visit the lovely towns of Port de Pollensa or Alcudia for local cuisine, artisanal markets,and stunning landscapes for cycling, hiking and kayaking. This little slice of paradise tucked away in the northern corner of the island has a lot to offer. We’re sure you’ll be enchanted!

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