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Tips for a safe diving (Part 2)

We’re already here with our second part so that you don’t have any problem when diving. If you haven’t seen the first part, don’t miss it here. (Link)

6. Prepare your body and mind previously

Stretch before diving to increase the agility and dexterity of your movements. On the other hand, prepare yourself well mentally and keep calm, fear and insecurity can become your worst enemies. It should also be noted that you have to be well hydrated and have made a balanced meal a couple of hours before.

7. Watch your ears

When your ears are blocked, it means that you are noticing the change in pressure. Avoid it by performing the Valsalva maneuver, which consists of covering the nostrils with your fingers and blowing through your nose at the same time. Try to perform this operation every meter that you descend.

8. Always stay calm

During the dive, you may encounter some problems that, if you’re afraid and insecure, could make them worse. Before any setback the most important thing is to act with serenity to solve the problem and avoid worse consequences.

9. Control breathing

At the time of submerging ourselves in the water, we all tend to hold our breath reflexively. When diving with oxygen, holding your breath unnecessarily can cause a sense of anguish or panic and damage your lungs.

10. Recover 

Hydrate with water, isotonic drinks or juicy fruits once you finish diving. Rest and eat well to recover from the effort.

11. Avoid flying 24 after diving

The ascent caused by a flight or climb a mountain pass before removing naturally the residual nitrogen, greatly increases the risk of suffering the decompression syndrome.

And here are our tips for you to have a perfect dive. We hope you enjoyed it and that they will help you for your next dive!

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